Bouquet Toss Meaning and Alternatives

As special event florists, we ask our brides during the consultation whether or not they will need a petite bouquet to toss during their reception.  The custom is that all the single women gather on the dance floor and the one who catches the boquet, as the tradition goes, will be the next one to be married.

This tradition grew out of the 14th century European idea that brides and all that they touched were lucky.  Wedding guests would actually chase after the bride, tearing at her dress, hoping to take home a small good luck charm.  The bride finally decided to stop the madness and prevent the guests from bothering her on her special day- and the bouquet toss was born!

Some brides are opting out of this tradition and incorporating their own alternative version into their own weddings.  One idea is to give this bouquet to a special friend or relative as a symbol of your gratitude their support over the years.   We had another bride who was going to present this bouquet to her sister who was recently engaged and who was going to be the next in the family to be married.

My favorite idea is the Anniversary Dance.  All the married couples come onto the dance floor and begin dancing to a song.  The DJ or band leader will eliminate the couples depending on the amount of time they have been married.  The last couple on the dance floor is the couple that has been married the longest and the bouquet would then be presented to them as an acknowledgement to the longevity of their vows.

It’s okay to put your own twist on bridal traditions.  Make them your own!

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